Bird hides on the lakes


The Forêt d'Orient Regional Nature Park constitutes a site of major ornithological interest, by the diversity of its aquatic, paludal and terrestrial habitats and because of its strategic loction in relation to the migratory routes of the avifauna of the western paleartic.

More than 265 species of birds have been listed on the Aube large lakes and their surroundings. Amateur or more experienced ornithologists, are invited to come and observe the birds all year long in the Park.

Highlights of the year: the autumn migration. Its large number of cranes; the over wintering with 20,000 to 40,000 birds according to the climatic conditions and the mating season.

On the edges of the Orient lake, Temple lake and Amance lake, three ornithological observatories allow you to a quiet observation, and there are many observation sites near the dams.
For the protection of birds and the Park, the League also offers outings and ornithological stays to you during the year, so as to discover the birds of the lakes, forests, meadows and orchads..

Temple lake bird hide

In the heart of the Nature reserve, the Valois bird hide was made by a local craftman, with wood from the Nature Reserve. You will love this bird hide made from logs, for its prefect integration with Nature.

The making of this bird hide is shown in a DVD, which can be found at the Central Tourist office.
The bird hide can be reached after a 2.5km walk ( 1/2 hour), across the road from the Tourist office on a gravel path. Overlooking the Nature Reserve of Temple lake.

In Autumn, when the water level of the lake is low and the grass has grown, thousands of migrating birds stop by to graze in pasture. It is also the belling stag season. The Valois bird hide is ideal to look for the wild animals.

Access rather uneasy for wheelchair users, as the road is made out of gravels.

Species to be seen

Black storks, Great White Egret, Herons, Cranes, White tailed Eagle, Osprey…
Dears, Roe dears, foxes, wild pigs…


Amance Lake bird hide

In Radonvilliers, follow the"Caron" road. This bird hide is well-know by the local ornithologists. Many nesting birds are staying on Lake Amance.
Overlooking wide muddy areas of the lake's banks, surrounded by willows and reeds, you can spot many shorebirds. This place is also the 1st wintering place in France for the Bewick's swans, which are coming from Siberia.

Access to everyone, easy enough for wheelchair users.

Species to be seen

Bewick's swans, Divers, Smews, Goosanders and Peregrine in the Winter ;
Terns, Black Terns, Warblers in Spring and Summer ;
Plovers, Red-necked Stint, Dunlins, Sandpipers in Automn.


Orient Lake bird hide

Between Géraudot and " Maison du Parc", you can find a bird Hide "Observatoire aux oiseaux". Overlooking the Orient's Lake nature reserve

You can sometimes spot the Red-Necked Grebes, who use the site as a giant dormitory, also many type of ducks and wild pigs coming at dusk.
In the summer, you can still enjoy the Observatory to contemplate the landscape
No access for wheelchait users.

Species to be seen

Thousands of ducks (mainly Pochards and Teals)
Red-Crested Pochards, Peregrine ans white-tailes Eagle in the Winter ;

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