The fish breeding population

The three lakes of the Foret d'Orient offer possibilities for exceptional fishing, thanks to a rigorous management of the piscicural fauna. This is demonstrated by a 39 pounds pike caught in 1993. Pikes, perches, carps are the most sought-after fishes. However, the lakes are also rich in stocks of roaches, tenches, perches, trouts, sanders and carps.

Places to fish

Many zones (banks and lake surfaces) are accessible for fishing from the lakeside and by boat. A leaflet about fishing regulation is available on demand.

Night fishing for carp

Night fishing for carp, has become a remarkable sucess, attracting every year many foreign visitors, mainly English and Dutch. It is regulated on the three lakes by routes indicated on the back of the fishing permits.

Fishing permits

Besides the annual permit, there are 4 fishing permits to accomodate your needs
-A yearly card
-A 2 weeks try card
-A child card ( for teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years old)
-A daily card (with tax)
The three lakes are classified as free water in a private domain of the second category, with an internal regulation.

Fishing permit sellers

You can download the complete Pdf list of fishing permit sellers here (retrouver le listing dans l ancien site)

Fishing boats hire

Orient's lake :
Mrs Capitaine - Boats and pedal boats in Mesnil-St-Père : +33 3 25 41 52 94 - +33 3 87 08 19 87
Bar-Restaurant « Les Templiers » in Géraudot : +33 3 25 41 24 25
Amance lake :
CSB Marine in Dienville : +33 3 25 92 94 17


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